The usual 1-100 snakes and ladders takes too long to play for my three DIY board game

Like this idea for developing subitising skills by recognising the Numicon pieces quickly, simple addition, counting on skills. Would be great for children with poor number recognition. Fab idea for an EYFS snakes and ladders.

JPEG image - More maths resources to help understanding of number ...

JPEG image - More maths resources to help understanding of number . In the other year 3 classroom they had a maths resource shelf quite like this where the resources were named with pictures to help all children clearly see where each resource is.

Number bonds to 10 challenge. My children love numicon!

I have a few children who don't know their number bonds to This is such a crucial skill for more advanced mathematical strategies - think I will be using this idea!

Wrap numicon in foil. Chn write down guess, unwrap foil and write down actual number

At NL we hid the foil wrapped numicon in the sand pit. Children used metal detectors to 'treasure hunt' for the numicon. Also foil wrapped matching numeral cards.

A4 Numberline 0-10

link is no longer active but i like the idea of having all of those associations on 1 poster

Play a game with Numicon shapes. This is great when you use the large foam shapes with 10 kids at the front of the class. Great for differentiation!

2 powerpoints to support counting and recognising numbers using numicon. The first powerpoint just shows the numicon pieces and the second powerpoint has the numicon pieces with matching numbers.

ponderings, possibilities and provocations: numicon. I like the dots on the pebbles.

I have recently come across a wonderful open ended maths resource named numicon .

1-31 Numicon Loop Cards - loop cards, loop, cards, numicon, 1-31

Fun and educational, loop cards are great for reinforcing your teaching on in maths. This set features number shapes for a little more familiarity during class. Can be played in groups or independently.