Bubble Foam: a squeaky clean toddler activity

Bubble Foam Sensory Activity

Bubble Foam Sensory Activity - cup bubble bath + cup water and beat with a mixer. Love this idea since we have a TON of bubble bath to use up! Can make several batches and put food coloring in each one to make rainbow bubble foam!

Sensory Play

Sensory Play Under the Sea’ – netting, blue voile fabric, green ribbons, shells…

Gracen and I are lucky enough to have one of her little friends join us for an afternoon of play each Wednesday. They play quite well together, so I put a few things out for them to explore in advance, then step back to let them play, helping communication and sharing happen when needed. We…

Animal Antics week -we should create several of these so everyone can do it Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue {salt, water, & ice play} ‹ Mama.

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