expressive self portrait. What do I want to tell others about myself? How do you show the "inner me?"

I like the IDEA of the girl doing her "makeup" by getting away without drawing her other eye.not so much the drawing of the girl.

beautiful pen studies: see how the use of different grounds can add to the 'story' or feel of a work.

A Level Art - beautiful pen studies: see how the use of different grounds can add to the 'story' or feel of a work.

James Dean portrait photo - what a beauty

James Dean

the james dean look. a well dressed man with sexy hair and sexy glasses.

280 x 408

ARTFINDER: Monochrome by andy butler - Pencil and graphite drawing on canvas. A very striking and powerful image of a beautiful woman. She had wonderful big eyes so I emphasised them by adding mo.

101 Extraordinary Self-Portrait Ideas to Spice Up Your Facebook Profile. I just like some of these ideas for portraits.

Here I have collected 101 amazing self-portraits to bump up your creativity (and to inspire you to take your own and finally change your Fac.

This print, in my opinion, interprets the many faces of Bipolar Disorder.

Lady Macbeth clearly suffers from a few mental illnesses, one of them being bi polar disorder. This image shows the many faces of someone who is bi polar.

Map Art.. 02-10-13 Female face map: Thoughts. Day dreaming. Wishful thinking. Thinking about the past/ present/ future.

Stunning Ink and Pencil Portraits on Maps - Great Creative Imagination project. All students would be given a paper map for this project.

Students will have image in different scales and assemble them to draw.

fragmented portrait drawing - take a photo, scale to different sizes, cut & paste into a composition; use collage as a drawing reference

Going to look at this for inspiration. It shall help me with shading, and such. I need to learn how to make that nose.

Inspiring picture art, beautiful, beauty, black and white, drawing. Find the picture to your taste!

Female Portraits by Greta Tu / Portraiture / Photography Hubs and Blogs

Beautiful portraits by Greta Tu, talented photographer who only 20 years old student currently living in Aalborg, Denmark. Female Portraits by Greta Tu:

Collage Artworks by Patrick Bremer | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Collage Artworks by Patrick Bremer