❝ stationery hoe

❝ stationery hoe

—— oops, oh, whoops. i dropped . . . my monster condom that i use for my . . . MAGNUM DONG.
❝ stationery hoe
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I thought maybe I should actually make a design for power-corrupt!Sebastian rather than just drawing portraits.

Dragon Age Qunari, Candy Art, Pencil Sketching, Dnd Characters, Horns, Dragon Age Inquisition, Alien Races, Longer Hair, Satyr, Character Design, Drawings, Antlers, Long Hair, Horn

f Bard portrait eye patch Sala Fir-Thannai, member of a rich trading family in Perenoth, that was born with a disease in the left eye that shortly after birth led to blindness.

we-are-rogue: “ from Ultimate Intrigue (Characters for the Pathfinder RPG) by Mikael Leger ”

The sexiest GRUMP Nathaniel Howe and THAT SMIRK. *Swoon* strikes again! For all that is good and right in this world, commission this artist! I imagine he’s watching Hale cause trouble and can’t resist. I have two new chapters of.