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Netherlands: Coronavirus Pandemic Country Profile - Our World in Data
Storm in a teacup: the Dutch are no good at political scandals - DutchNews.nl
Professors, students, employees and administrators of Dutch universities are campaigning for more funding from the Dutch government to meet a "Normal Academic Level".  In a campaign launched on Tuesday under the Dutch universities association VSNU, they said available funding per student has declined while the number of students continues to rise

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the front cover of a magazine with an image of a building and flag on it
De kampioenen van De Leukste Huiskamer - EURO 2020 Speelstad Amsterdam
an article about the first time in 50 years
Amsterdam krijgt voor het eerst in 50 jaar bezoek van een otter
an advertisement for the movie theater with red chairs and black background, in front of a screen
Self Confidence, Teachers, Self Esteem, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Research Report, Extreme, Confidence
Directeur AMFI biedt excuses aan: "Dit kan en mag nooit meer gebeuren"
two women and a man walking down the street
an article on the front page of a news paper with a photo of a statue
Amsterdam residents offered free book on city’s links with slavery
a woman riding a bicycle down a street next to a man on a bike and another person walking
Fietsers krijgen hun zin: brute drempels Negen Straatjes weggehaald
an article about the new rembrands amsterdam museum
an ad for the national holiday in new york city, with caption from patrick mershok
Public Transport, Vaccine, Health Board, Admit One, Government
Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know (June 18) - DutchNews.nl
a newspaper article about coronarius hospital numbers down by 40 % in a week'vaccies'working
Coronavirus hospital numbers down by 40% in a week: 'vaccines working' - DutchNews.nl
the front page of an article about swimming lessons for children in australia, with two men and
Wachtlijsten voor zwemlessen in Amsterdam flink gegroeid
an image of a police car on the street with caption in english and spanish
the front page of a news paper with an image of a bus station in the background
Netherlands to welcome tourists from U.S and five more non-EU countries from June 24
an image of a person walking in the rain next to some trees and water with text that reads let parool
the front page of an interactive website with information about what it is like to see
Fan Connector brengt Nederland coronaproof bij elkaar tijdens EK - EURO 2020 Speelstad Amsterdam
an article about the festival in front of a crowd
an advertisement with the words,'he parrot more shots in amsterdam, problems with scheduled appointment
an article about the cleaning service across the country that has their hands full with garbage
an advertisement with the words, he parrot european study air quality in amsterdam leaves much to be desired
Europees onderzoek: Luchtkwaliteit Amsterdam laat te wensen over
an image of people sitting on the edge of a body of water
an advertisement with the words in german and english, on a white background that reads
Deltavariant wint terrein in Amsterdam: 40 procent van besmettingen
Hotel Offers, Homeless Shelter, Emergency Shelter, Homeless People
the menu for a restaurant with instructions on how to use it
a group of people standing in front of a house with the caption that reads, he
Mi Oso, ‘thuis voor diverse mensen’, in Zuidoost wint Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs
an advertisement with the words,'4 amsterdammers are interested in polish supermarket explosion case '
the front page of dutch news with an image of zoos and lions in it
Amsterdam's zoo is broke, lions to be moved to south of France - DutchNews.nl
an image of a building that is on twitter
Nieuwe testlocatie bij station Sloterdijk
an advertisement for the first time since january 22, 2009
an advertisement for the port connections on the jj will be re - named from 3 january, all ferry connections on the jj and north sea canal will be removed