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Modern decor: Mikromart Fold-up sculptures

Microman Garden Cube: Created for an exhibiton in London's Design Museum. Folded out from a flat sheet of stainless steel


Serie of 4 pieces, working only with light and shadow. This work was created in an attempt to make a poster with an image without printing. Made by manually folding a paper of standard poster format x 85 cm), a composition is created of light and shad…

::origami meets collage by abigail reynolds.

origami meets collage by abigail reynolds; could work if folded parts created enough of a feel

Geometrical Facial Landscapes by Aldo Tolino

Geometric facial landscapes by Aldo Tolino

Origami inspired by Aldo Tolino Task: Workshop Using simple folding techniques, produce a creased portrait image (colour or black and white). -Draw on top of creased paper to fold -Use paper to create my illustration to then fold and scan in

could do as observation or use photograph and screwing it up and folding it to photocopy

Use a photograph, screw it up or fold it to photocopy a new disjointed portrait exploring tone.

Design | Tumblr

looking deeper contemporary minimalist abstract paper art sculpture painting with canvas the creation of line, shadow and light through the works growing layers gives the work its depth and meaning

Drawing with lines                                                       …

This really simple however intelligent sketch displays how the precise use of lines at different angles can create effects of folded paper and imitation at a scale.

Creative Sketchbook: Abigail Reynolds' Folded Photography!

Folded photographs by artist Abigail Reynolds – lives and works in London and St Just, Cornwall. Check out her site for more photos.

Kaleidoscope Creative

Vii -painting on her paper cut outs. She could create a stencil and spray paint over? This is the collage, and or drawing, and or paper-cutting, and or printmaking work of California based artist Elise Wehle.

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