Pirate Treasure Island from Jo Jo's Tuff Tray Ideas #smallworldplay #tufftray

Pirate small world ideas. Could link it to role play are, Literacy; Creative/Mark making; make a treasure map, telescope. The possibilities are endless.

Skip Counting Activities That Your Kids Will Love | From Blue Bells and Cockle Shells

Skip Counting Activities That Your Kids Will Love

Skip counting is counting by any number other than students in grade should learn up to the 7 times table by heart & through rhythmical practice.

Numicon for Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

Numicon helps children investigate number in a practical way. It also allows children to check their own understanding.

Skip Counting Worksheets-Sweet and Simple

Overview:Use these worksheets to practice skip counting by and They are perfect for assessments, homework, or just some extra practice for your students!Skip counting by and goes up to Skip counting by goes up to

Skip Counting by 2's With Socks

The Elementary Math Maniac: Skip Counting by With Socks

Count by 2 Puzzle Freebie

The Math Maniac ~ This count by 2 puzzle makes a great math center or an activity for early finishers. It includes a frog math picture with the count by 2 numbers a.