lawrence brothers

lawrence brothers

lawrence brothers
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Gravity Grappling Hook – Online Tactical Depot

The Gravity Grappling Hook The coolest hook invented since. This High Performance Gravity Grappling Hook

Surrealist Universe by Vladimir Kush

Russian artist Vladimir Kush was born in Moscow and is a surrealist painter and sculptor. He defines his art as metaphorical realism instead surrealism. His paintings are fascinated by fantasy stories. His paintings looks like influenced by Salvador Dali.

There are some truly amazing things that have been found throughout the years on earth, from ancient cities that redefine what we know about history, to objects that remain a huge mystery. Here are 12 of the most incredible things archaeologists have found.

L'Anse aux Meadows: Located in Newfoundland, Canada, this 1000 year old site shows viking settlements on North America that far predate Columbus.

Left Side Mirror Broken Off? No Problem

Ingenious photos of cost-cutting gadgets will give you a new perspective on life

Truth Facts 24

Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler take everyday truths about life and create awesome graphs about about them on their website, Truth Facts. We've compiled some of their most hilarious graphs that are just so painfully true!

A collection of Troy Morrison's art from Steampunk Sculpture, Marine Aquariums, Sheoak Custom Furniture, Copper Sculpture and Metal Art