Bracelet that acts as a screen stand

Wearable Smartphone Stand

Cafes have become a sort of semi-private office

Laptop warriors find cozy homes in coffee shops, libraries with free WiFi

Coffee and coding is more social and informal, signaling that you are open for discussion and collaboration

Lacking the funds to rent office space, I ended up working outside the boundaries of cubicle-land or even anything that looked like an office. I worked out of my kitchen, my business partner […]

Typical hotel work setup on the road

Typical hotel work setup on the road

Multi screen desktop from 2005

Multi screen desktop from 2005

Laptop and two screens

Laptop and two screens

Which is the better workspace? Cafe or office?

Office or Cafe: which is the better workspace?

Is there any evidence to support the idea that the presence of senior professors and VC's at university events is co-related with a higher quality of catering?

Multiscreening in Vietnam

Gadget-obsessed in Ho Chi Minh City

In cafes across Vietnam's largest city, young people huddle in groups with laptops, cell phones, and game consoles.

Multiscreen action in Cairo

The deceit of ageing Arab regimes won't stop al-Jazeera

English Aljazeera has some interesting articles. This article on "Mass Media or Public Media" is worth some discussion.

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