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a red glass table sitting on top of a white floor
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a white and beige shelf with an intricate design on it's sides, against a white background
C Resin Side Table
Composed of transparent resin with hand inlay of mother-of-pearl, brushed silver metal, or brushed brass reflecting the beauty of Arabesque geometric designs. This practical table slides easily beneath a sofa or a bed. Several inlay patterns available and many resin colors available.
a blue sideboard with three drawers and two legs on the bottom, in front of a gray background
20th Century Girl
Vintage 1970s Lucite buffet.
the letter i is made up of silver and black stars on a white background,
Clear Resin Side Table by Nada Debs - "Modern Middle Eastern" style from Mondo Collection of NYC.
a pair of white shoes sitting on top of a glass table next to a couch
City Schemes Contemporary Furniture
Coffee Tables Gus Timber Table Call City Schemes (617)776-7777
a white bed sitting next to a glass night stand
contemporary bed-side table (plexiglas®) SEGRETO by I.Marelli & D.Eugeni ZANOTTA
three clear acrylic tables sitting side by side on a white surface with shadows
Invisible Table by Kartell
Invisible Table by Kartell | Smart Furniture
a glass table with a book sitting on top of it next to a white wall
Gus I-beam Accent Table - Clear Acrylic Table - The Century House In Madison, Wi
a red and clear glass table on a black floor in front of a white wall
acrylic side table
a multicolored glass shelf sitting on top of a white floor
Kurl Shelving from Karim Rashid
Karim Rashid Kurl Shelves
an arrangement of colorful vases with flowers in them
Acrylic Furniture by Emmanuelle Moureaux
Acrylic Furniture by Emmanuelle Moureaux in home furnishings Category
a glass sculpture with colored sticks sticking out of it's sides on a white surface
Acrylic Furniture by Emmanuelle Moureaux
Acrylic Furniture by Emmanuelle Moureaux
an acrylic console table with soaps on it and a vase in the background
Contempo Sofa Table - Shahrooz Art
Shahrooz acrylic furniture