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Just because you are right, does not mean I'm wrong. You just haven't seen life from my side. Two people standing on opposite sides of a number, 6 and

"I should have told you every day, since the moment I first met you, I love you!" ~Will to Elizabeth This was my first photo collage ever!

There were so many times I wanted to! And now I try my best to tell you every way I can. I love you.

(Will Turner) best facial expression ever..... calm down...... Legolas

Will's impression of Jack<---Orlando improvised that on the spot. <--by now I swear they just threw Orlando, Johnny, and Kiera out into the Caribbean on a boat and told them to pretend it was the

Pirates of the Caribbean

Post your favourite Jack Sparrow quote. - props props props Everyone who will post a quote will get question and answer in the Captain Jack Sparrow club

♥ Will and Elizabeth Turner ♥ - will-and-elizabeth-turner Photo

Wallpaper and background photos of ♥ Will and Elizabeth Turner ♥ for fans of Will and Elizabeth Turner images.