Collection by Bryan-Robert Baxter

'arria', cumbernauld, north lanarkshire

Andy Scott | Sculpture | Arria

Sculptor Andy Scott creates large scale equine and figurative sculptures from steel and bronze. His hand crafted horses and human figures are well known in the international art world.

Craiglinn Underpass | Cumbernauld Scotland | Bigg Design

Craiglinn Underpass | Cumbernauld Scotland | Bigg Design

North Lanarkshire Council commissioned Bigg Design and Zero-Waste Design to deliver an exciting project that saw the regeneration of an underpass in Cumbernauld with stunning lighting and mural designs. Working with local school pupils and engaging with members of the | Read More

'Arria' -     Louise Keenan |  Cumbernauld Statue

Cumbernauld International  Airport !! In those trees to the left is where the Roman wall was

Cumbernauld Airport

Taken during helicopter flight, Nov 2011. Many more images available from this flight - contact me if you are interested in seeing or obtaining any of these.

Cumbernauld House

Cumbernauld Community Development Trust

Working to improve the image of our town