Heliconia (lobster claws, wild plantains, false bird-of-paradise) are native to the tropical Americas and are pollinated by hummingbirds. The showy parts are actually bracts, hiding the small flowers inside.

Skateboard swing ... Awesome

How to Make a Skateboard Swing. Here's a fantastic way to repurpose an old broken skateboard. Build this skateboard swing for your kids to enjoy! Find an old skateboard that your kids no longer use.

Can't get to the beach? Build a beach hut in your garden instead. Very pretty coastal garden design (Dobbies).

Cute beach style garden design idea, complete with shed (beach hut), hanging fish making your backyard the beach.


voewood an old boat cleverly turned into a pot store and plant display at voewood. the house was built by the architect edward schroeder prior for the rev. percy lloyd between 1903 and not used cl garden, pot, boat