harrietpophamtextiles: Embroidered Architecture - Prague

harrietpophamtextiles: Embroidered Architecture - Prague /// this would be a great idea for a string study as it is unusual and really creative. i like the contrast between the white and navy also.

embroidery on skeleton leaf

Plays With Needles: Gold Leaf An embroidered skeleton leaf by Susan Elliott of Plays with Needles

Debbie Smyth

Who: Debbie Smyth What: installation of thread drawing Why: I love the idea of using thread and materials in my next project and this piece particularly interests me because of the "shading" created with more thread

'This is my letter to you' by Maria Wigley ... hand stitched ...

The beginning, middle or end of communication? Interesting characters theme (letters/characters) 'This is my letter to you' by Maria Wigley .

Elodie Antoine

Belgian artist Elodie Antoine, who is using lace-making techniques to create contemporary artwork that contrasts the delicate and romantic material with more severe industrial imagery.

Peter McFarlane

'Home' by Canadian artist Peter McFarlane. A silverware nest made from old silver spoons, knives forks. "A nostalgic view of youth and also my own 'empty nest' with our children leaving home this year. via Saatchi

marrypotter: Valerie Hegarty

I need a guide. Valerie Hegarty - Unearthed 2008 Wood and mixed media.

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