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Section Drawing- these drawings blow my mind, can't imagine the amount of time put into some of these!

Con/struct: The Fictional Urban Architecture of Justin Plunkett

Con/struct: The Fictional Urban Architecture of Justin Plunkett. Con/struct is the latest body of work from Cape Town-based artist, designer, and photograp

Presidents Medals: (RE) Think Alcãntara Hub Throught a Hybrid Building _ Lisbon’s Central Library and Municipal Archive

João Paulo Ferreira Torres Lisbon's Central Library And Municipal Archive (Master’s Degree in Architecture Project under the theme "(Re) think the Alcântara Hub through a hybrid building"), 2012

danielkbrown: “ Joseph Deane, Royal College of Art, London The Maker and the Made The Maker and the Made examines the agency of ‘nonhumans’; the manner by which all organic and inorganic matter.

16722530_10153646173307706_8599228871078381782_o.jpg (1235×2048)

16722530_10153646173307706_8599228871078381782_o.jpg (1235×2048)

Sectional Model//Concrete//Timber Alexander Liew

Lead Flow - Alexander Liew “ Alexander Liew model alone is what really drew us to checking out this project.