Slimming World Egg Custard

Slimming world syn free egg custards. My husband loves egg custards but is yet to be converted to slimming world foods lol he says it's like real food just without the taste lol

Cottage Cheese Pancakes | Slimming Eats - Slimming World Recipes

of fat free cottage cheese (I used a small curd variety) 2 egg whites 1 egg yolk 1 tsp of vanilla essence 1 teaspoon of stevia Frylight or Pam spray Fresh fruit of your choice

Special scotched eggs from 'Slimming World's Little Book of Lunches'

Scotch eggs

Slimming world Scotch eggs- so easy to make and tastes lush at any type of event- picnics/bbqs/parties

Jelly Sweets, The Slimming World Way

I can confirm that they are as yummy as you think they are! I can& take complete credit for the idea,.



Great flapjack recipe from my slimming pal Tracy SLIMMING WORLD FLAPJACK ************************************** 6 syns a slice porridge oats syns) sultanas syns) 2 tbsp of honey .

Sugar Free Berry & Lemon Curd Pavlovas. If you stop losing weight stop eating these foods. You must count the calories in your daily allotment. Remember our ancestors did not walk around eating easy access foods. Just because this is called low carb does not mean it won't stop your weight loss.

Sugar Free Berry & Lemon Curd Pavlovas