Masher Print Painting | Child Central Station - simple process art with kitchen potato mashers!

Masher Print Painting


OK, so I make the tree at AES, and the students make the Kandinsky circles.Based on Kandinsky Circles. Might be a fun classroom project. Teacher cuts out (or paints! Students create the circles for the branches.

Loving Cathy's Child Minding's music wall - shared by let the children play (",)

let the children play: Simple Play Space Transformations: Sound Makers dollar store kitchen supplies used to make a great sound wall for outdoor play.

Pumpkin investigation

We had great fun today finding out what is inside a pumpkin. The children noticed the pumpkin contained seeds and stringy flesh.

Even More Rhyming Activities for Kids - 7 more FUN ways to play with rhyming!  Includes links to research related to teaching rhyming and its importance

Even More Rhyming Activities for Kids

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