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a spiral staircase in a building with white walls
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amazing staircases in Ravintola Porthania in Helsinki, Finland (3)
an image of a staircase going up to the sky with blue walls in the background
there is a book shelf next to the stairs in this room with books on it
Ask an Architect: How Can I Make the Most of a Loft Conversion?
Contemporary Staircase by robert rhodes architecture + interiors
a wooden stair case with metal handrails
Panelled House
the stairs are black and white in this hallway, with a mirror on the wall
A great solution for really old worn stair tread where the wood is in beautiful condition is paint. Sherwin Williams makes the best floor paint!
a person holding a piece of wood in front of a wooden wall with an arrow on it
Neri&Hu creates "stair of encounters" inside Bloomberg's Hong Kong office
Neri&Hu have created an elaborate, boxy staircase in a Hong Kong office.
the stairs are decorated with plants and rocks in this modern style living room, which also features wood flooring
Room design ideas & pictures l homify
Classic style corridor, hallway and stairs by HC Interiores
an empty room with wooden floors and stairs
FUSION® Commercial Glass Panels with Square Newels
Twist spindles in oak
three different views of the inside of a building, including stairs and tables with wooden slats on them
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Amazing Stairs Designs
the spiral staircase in this modern house is made from wood and has been designed to look like
Stairway to Heaven
This spectacular wooden sprial staircase is just a tiny part of the 3,000m2 lavish contemporary homestead designed by Jouin Manku of Paris architectures YTL Design Group.
an overhead view of a stair case with wooden steps
Résidence McCulloch, Montreal, 2015 - _naturehumaine [architecture design]
there is a wooden floor and stairs in this room with pictures on the wall above it
Make The Most Of Your Small Hallway With These Storage Ideas
George Quinn staircase, Urbana staircase collection
there is a wooden stair case next to a table and pictures on the wall in this living room
Modern Contemporary Staircase Design
the hallway is clean and ready for us to use as an office or living room
How To Make Your Hallway Feel Bigger
7 ways to make your hallway feel bigger
a small table with flowers on it next to a stair case
Staircase Balustrades | Glass, Metal & Wood | Richard Burbidge
Contemporary: Elements plain Black Spindles
a white bench with a red pillow on it in front of a wall with black and white dots
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See more images from big ideas for tiny entryways on
the hallway is clean and ready to be used as a place for an entryway
Our Editors Share 24 of Their Favorite Interior Designers on Instagram
Neutral entryway with glass chandelier and juju hat on wall
a staircase with pictures on the wall above it
The best affordable art prints and photos
Love the idea of a photo wall going up the stairs of you home! You could do fun, and pretty prints like this or photos of family! Great idea and great way to add some decorations for your home!
there is a wooden stair case next to a table and pictures on the wall in this living room
Great glass panelled stairs from the Elements range
a white couch sitting under a stair case next to a wooden table and chair on top of a hard wood floor
Updating stairs on a budget
We love this modern Fusion balustrading
an image of a hallway with a rug on the floor and a door in the background
29 Entryway Decorating Ideas That Make a Stunning First Impression
the stairs in this modern house are made of glass and wood, with black accents
the stairs are made of wood and white
55 Modelos de Escadas Internas Diferentes e Criativas
Glass and wood juxtaposed stairs…
an open door in a room with stairs and a clock on the wall next to it
GOPSAL46 Salerno Internal Oak Rebated Door Pair with Clear Glass
Stylish Salerno oak rebated doors with clear glass
a white staircase leading up to the second floor
Fabric - New Cross
Almost the exact same staircase and sash and case window. although much…
a white chair sitting in front of a painting on the wall next to a wooden door
Luxe Interiors + Design | Official Site | Architecture + Home Tours
Architect Dale Hubbard designed a Boulder house marked by contemporary forms and…
a living room filled with furniture next to a stair case in front of a window
Combine steel and oak for a sleek modern look