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the blue flowers are blooming in the garden
Pure blue borage in the @burford garden
an outdoor garden with lots of trees and plants
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Medicinal garden ,Priory d' Orsan. handmade trellis
a heart shaped plant growing on the side of a building
Primeira impressão é a que fica!
It's the little things.
an outdoor garden with many plants and fenced in area next to the house,
Le Prieuré d'Orsan
Prieuré d'Orsan
an open area with trees and benches in the middle, surrounded by green foliage on either side
jardins cosmopolites
Jardin médiéval - Prieure d'Orsan in Cher, France
a house surrounded by hedges and trees in the middle of a field with lots of green plants
Luxury holidays to the Loire Valley | Hotel and touring holidays
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants and flowers in it's beds
the peony and the bee
Medieval-style potager by Countryside Online