The Cotswolds

The beautiful Cotswolds country and villages
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an old red and white bus parked next to a tree with lights on it's sides
1940s coach
A special way to travel
a horse grazing on grass next to a small stream in the middle of a field
The River Leach - Eastleach Village
an old house with a large lawn and trees in the foreground, on a sunny day
Le Jour ni l'Heure : Kelmscott Manor, Oxfordshire, maison de campagne de William Morris (1834-1896), mercredi 18 juillet 2007, 16:40:40
an old stone house with ivy growing on it's roof and windows, surrounded by greenery
Inside: The Double Red Duke - George Smith
a statue of a man laying on the ground next to a pillar with his hands behind his head
Tudor Fettiplace Monument
a garden filled with lots of different types of trees and plants in it's own area
Garden Centres
best garden centres in the uk
there is a sign in the middle of a garden shop with potted plants on it
Gardening | The Independent
13. Burford Garden Company "Burford has everything you could want for your - The Independent
two drawings of the front and back of a house
a black dog walking down a dirt road next to tall grass and trees with white flowers
Cotswold cow parsley
a rainbow is seen in the distance over a grassy field with trees and grass on either side
Morning sun Cotswolds field #burfordgarden
a garden with lots of trees and plants in it, surrounded by hedges on either side of the road
A glimpse of Barnsley House, glowing in the low Cotswolds morning sunlight, beyond the frosty potager garden.
the entrance to an old building with flowers hanging from it's front door and signage
Burford Town, Cotswolds, England
the outside of a building with flowers hanging from it's windows and tables in front
Burford, The Cotswolds, England
the sun shines through the trees in front of an old castle like building on a foggy day
The church at Clanfield. Wintertime #burfordgarden
a table with place settings in front of an open fire place for two people to sit at
Table set by an open fire ready for a busy lunch service at The Village Pub, Barnsley
two bottles of wine sitting on top of a stone wall in front of a building
Organic Liqueurs!
the village is surrounded by trees and fog
Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds
Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds England
the sun shines brightly over an old house and stream in front of it on a sunny day
Arlington Row
Cotswolds (England). Sheer beauty!