Lisa Buros-Hutchins

Lisa Buros-Hutchins
I specialize in travel to #Paris. I tailor trips exceeding every expectation about hiring a #personal #concierge to design your #vacation.
Lisa Buros-Hutchins
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Dancing in the Grand Foyer of the #Paris #Opera #House at the Victory Ball. May, 1946.

Couples dancing in the Grand Foyer of the Paris Opera House at the Victory Ball, Paris, May 1946 // Photograph by David E.

Gardens of the #MoulinRouge, circa 1900. #Paris

Les jardins du Moulin Rouge, vers Gardens of the Moulin Rouge, circa Shows were given inside the elephant.

Construction de la #TourEiffel, photographie stéréoscopique de Léon et Levy, juillet 1888  #Paris

Interests- Recently I have been very interested in architecture throughout history and this pictures was a very significant step in architcture -France. Eiffel Tower construction, Paris, July 1888 // Léon et Levy

Library books floating down a street during the Great Flood of #Paris - 1910

Books float on the street after a library on Rue Jacob, Paris is flooded during the Great 1910 Parisian Flood . (via historicaltimes) (What a wonderful pond installation idea but with cement books).

Cary Grant #photographed on the top of the Hotel Raphael in #Paris, 1956.  So #classic!!

Cary Grant photographed on the top of the Hotel Raphael in Paris, 1956 ♡ love black & white movies