Such a good chilli recipe - try it now!

Chilli con carne

This lens is entirely dedicated to one of my favourite dishes - Chilli Con Carne. Here you can find Chilli recipes, the history of the dish, great things to have chilli with and much much more. Chilli con Carne has to be one of my favourite dishes.

Avoid basic cooking mistakes, like burning the garlic or using the wrong knife, thanks to these handy tips.

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How to Fix 17 Basic Cooking Mistakes: Measuring Dry Ingredients in a Liquid Measuring Cup

quick chicken laksa in a bowl

Nigel Slater’s quick chicken laksa recipe


Cannellini Bean Stew: sun dried and chopped tomatoes, cannellini beans, tahini, ground chilli, garlic

Sabrina Ghayour’s chicken bastilla.

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grilled halloumi

Nigel Slater’s grilled halloumi recipe

Golden brown halloumi, served warm to contrast with the coolness of lettuce. By Nigel Slater

Felicity Cloake

How to make the perfect blueberry muffins

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