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a pipe is connected to the side of a concrete wall with a hole in it
9 Ways to Make Working with Landscaping Bricks, Paves and Stones Easier
Yes, good drainage!
a black trash can sitting next to a brick walkway
Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 28 Pics
Reuse rain water for your garden - so clever if you have to pay water rates. And the green hose lets excess water run out before the barrel overfills too!
a pipe is laying in the ground next to a house
Rain always brings a few drainage calls-some past solutions
proper drainage can help prevent foundation problems.. need this for the backyard!! what a mud pit!
a man working on an air conditioner in front of a house with his hand on the ground
Stormwater Management Solutions & Products | NDS
NDS drainage products being installed. Connect downspouts into an NDS basin to get water away from the property foundation.
the steps are being used to plant flowers
Catch Basin Drains | Residential Stormwater Products/Supplies | NDS
Downspout runoff can cause flooding around the foundation of your house and lead to foundation damage and wood rot. These common problems can be prevented and fixed with a NDS catch basin set under the downspout to catch the water and divert it away from the foundation of your home. Check it out here! www.ndspro.com/...
a pipe laying on top of dirt next to a metal gutter cover and wall
French Drains to Fix Your Foundation Problems