freshen-up gum and came in mint flavor too.we called it "squirt gum"

Woolworths "Pick 'n' Mix

Woolworths "Pick 'n' Mix - we were allowed to spend our Christmas money on it!

Remember when you got these tablets when you went to the dentist or the dentist came to school?

Chewing disclosing tablets so that you could see how good a job you were doing at brushing your teeth. My kids hated these, lol

Janet and John books... My first school books!

Janet and John books. My first school books! - but also remembering Terry Wogan and lots of giggles!

Kays catalogue

I spent hours looking through the Kays catalogue, choosing toys to put on my Christmas list!

Balance Benches - we had them and they are still in schools today

Forbidden to use them in primary school.I dutifully disobeyed and my poor mother had to take 24 splinters out of my bottom after I slid down one

Snoopy Mini Pencils -- I can't believe someone pinned these!!

Snoopy Mini Pencils -- I had these and a mini writing pad!

Wade Whimsies Red Rose Tea ornaments by 416Vintage, $28.00

Wade Whimsies Red Rose Tea ornaments by My gran and papa had these in their living room and I used to play with them as a kid.

The Country Life Butter Men

The Country Life Butter Men. You can't get a better bit of butter on your knoife (and yes, I did intend to spell it that way)

The School Recorder Book 1 Revised Edition 1962 by E.Priestley & F.Fowler

The School Recorder Book 1 Revised Edition 1962 by E.Priestley & F.Fowler - we've still got this book knocking about somewhere!

The Sullivans. Australian drama

The Sullivans - Australian WWII Soap, do you remember watching it?

Radio Sounds Familiar website!

Banned in our house so I'd go to a neighbours, share their tea with them, watch Crossroads, help with their washing up and then go home!

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Google Image Result for http://www.badgecollectorscircle.co.uk/assets/badges/602.jpg

Stu Francis, Had one of these badges, got it and a grape pen when we went to a live Crackerjack show. Bernie Nolan sang I just called to say I love you.