Hermoso lugar en casa

Extend small interior to the outside with flooring. easy charm I love that sexy patio.

John Davies to deliver key note presentation at the Society of Garden Designers Autumn Conference - Gardening Living

John Davies Landscape has been featured twice in The most popular outdoor living Photos of 2015 for Houzz

Urban fireside garden 19 Charlotte Rowe copyright Clive Nichols_5608650757_m

The whole fortress of this patio looks so comfortable and cozy that I would lay there and look at the stars until I fall asleep.

A recipe for making your own moss graffiti.

Express your green views for all to see - right on the walls of your house, restaurant or office. It's the hottest trend in urban agriculture, after hydropo

17f40007a96ce3411871 (600×474)

17f40007a96ce3411871 (600×474)

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