Honey Mustard Chicken, Avocado + Bacon Salad, with a crazy good Honey Mustard dressing withOUT mayonnaise or yogurt! Substitute with turkey bacon.

Tomato carpaccio

Jamie Oliver's 'Tomato carpaccio with raspberries & burrata. The raspberries add a lovely tang to the salad that’s incredible with the mozzarella and aromatic basil.

Puy lentil, parsnip & walnut salad

Puy lentil, parsnip & walnut salad “This beautiful salad works beautifully as either a Christmas starter or a side dish.

Spaghetti with prawns and rocket (Spaghetti con gamberetti e rucola)

Beef tagine

Jamie Oliver Beef tagine w squash, sticky prunes and chickpeas + dairy free + gluten free + refined sugar free

Almond Goji Berry Energy Bars -YES, YES! Dangerously Delicious and easy to do! Will be making these much more often.

BBQ baked beans

BBQ baked beans With smashed sweet potatoes Comforting and delicious, this is a great meat-free dinner idea or, without the killer croutons, it makes a damn fine side with roasted meats

Broccoli salad

This broccoli salad recipe with smokey bacon, tomatoes and chives is absolutely delicious and hits all the right spots;

Roasted chilli frittata

Roasted chilli frittata blackening the chillies calms the heat and releases their sweetness to give a really deep flavor - Jamie Oliver

Bircher muesli

Bircher muesli by Anna Jones Topped with pears and sour cherries. A delicious, healthy muesli you can make the night before

Prawn and watermelon salad

Prawn and watermelon salad is a great summer dish; a refreshing and zesty prawn salad recipe from Jamie Oliver.

Summer ratatouille salad

Summer ratatouille salad - The perfect summer salad With freshly picked tomatoes, courgette flowers and herbs, this is the perfect summer side – or just add grilled lamb or goat’s cheese to make it the main event

Pomegranate & chicken stew

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