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an image of different thinking bubbles with people in the box and one person on the other side
Julia Bakay | LinkedIn
a woman wearing a denim vest and hat posing for a photo with her hands on her hips
Julia Bakay | LinkedIn
the 8 characteristics of flow poster
Flow State_Infographic By Julia Bakay
Illustration based on the work of THE SCHOOL OF LIFE by Julia Bakay How To Draw Hands, Tease, Visual, Life, Supportive, Digital, School, Work
What is Art for?
Illustration based on the work of THE SCHOOL OF LIFE by Julia Bakay
the core skills which underpinn professional curiosity are important to students in preparation for their next project
Infographic of Core Skills
Infographic for an organization
an image of campervan and motorhome menu
Road Trip Camper Vans
Illustration of road trip alternatives, template to collect pros and cons
Artistic Visual Notes Life Is Good, Visual Learners, Visual Map, How To Memorize Things, Online Conference, Types Of Organisation
Artistic Visual Notes based on Jim Carrey's Speech
Dream up a good life, inspiring speech by Jim Carrey. Illustrated by Julia Bakay
four glasses with different types of water and an orange toothbrush in each glass, labeled me
Who I am
Personal summary visualized by Julia Bakay
an illustrated map of the united states and their major cities, with names on it
Road Trip Illustration
West US Roadtrip illustrated by Julia Bakay
an info graphic showing how to use social media as a marketing tool for your business
What I do
Infographic by Julia Bakay
created by Julia Bakay Meditation, Learning, Teachings, Meditation Class, Learn To Meditate, Friendly, Buddhist
Infographic for a Buddhist Centre
created by Julia Bakay
a poster with some words written on it and a dog's head in the middle
Artistic Visual Notes by Julia Bakay
Graphic Recording based on an interview with Tara Brach on mindfulness. Drawn by Julia Bakay
a diagram with four circles labeled in different languages, including the words and their meanings
Infographic by Julia Bakay
Visual Notes based on Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies, drawn by Julia Bakay
the 8 characteristics of flow poster
Infographic by Julia Bakay_FLOW
Infographic created by Julia Bakay based on Csikszentmihalyi's concept of FLOW.
Infographic by Julia Bakay Communications Strategy, Peace Building, Visual Notes, Online Event
Infographic for Peaceful Schools
Infographic Visual Notes for Peaceful Schools created by Julia Bakay