Part of a television ident project.

cbbc bugs idents - YouTube

Film4 HD UK Christmas Ident 2013 hd1080 - YouTube

1 of 3 TV Idents made for a college project.

CBBC Fish ident 1997-2001 (Long)

GOLD UK - New Idents / Look 2014 July

Ident 3 - For my Final Year Project at University, I decided to design and create a collection of re-branded elements for the music channel, The re-b.

Lanterns adorn trees in a snowy forest scene. Continuity Lady introduces the 'BBC News At

Continuity lady introuduces what we can.

Creative communication: Creating under pressure of time and budget (higher)

BBC One 2015 New Year's ident - 'Cup' LIMITATIONS - Logo typography ('Formal' style and circle branding) Colour - Red and white Adhering to desired tone - Formal, moderately paced (not too fast)

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