Slapton Sands

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Slapton Sands, was in 1944 part of the site of the ill-fated Exercise Tiger. A Sherman tank that was sunk in this action has been recovered and now stands on the road behind the beach at nearby Torcross. Slapton Ley is the near by fresh water lake and is the largest of it's kind in South West England.

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Slapton Ley Field Centre by heidigoseek #Dartmouth

Slapton Ley Field Centre by heidigoseek #Dartmouth

Torcross beach and Slapton Ley by Argentem #Dartmouth

Torcross beach

An early morning photo of Torcross beach, at the southern end of Start bay. Visible behind Start bay are the waters of Slapton Ley, an important freshwater nature reserve.

Slapton Ley Sunset by westcountrysean #Dartmouth

Slapton Ley Sunset

Slapton Ley Sunset Devon, England

Sherman Tank with snow

Sherman Tank with snow

The iconic tank at Torcross is covered with snow

Slapton Sands Beach by les.anna #Dartmouth

Slapton Sands Beach

Here alone sits a fisherman upon the sands where so many men lost their lives. A place so beautiful holds within it- a past so distraught for souls lost to the cause upon war but yet We will Never Forget Those. And pray Goverments will never again use 'live ammunition' on a exercise- for which soldiers are not aware of.

Sherman Tank, Slapton Sands, Torcross, Devon by Fortaguada #Dartmouth

Sherman Tank, Slapton Sands, Torcross, Devon

In 1944 the Slapton Sands area of Devon was used by the American army to practice for the Normandy Invasion. The operation was code-named Exercise Tiger. 3,000 people were evacuated from the village of Torcross and the surrounding area to allow the practice to take place. Between Christmas 1944 and D-Day, 15,000 American troops were involved in exercises, one of which went disasterously wrong, due to German E-Boats on patrol noticing increased radio activity and investigating. They…

Slapton Sands Memorial, South Hams, Devon. by Jim Linwood #Dartmouth

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Slapton Sands, South Hams, Devon. by Jim Linwood #Dartmouth

Slapton Sands, South Hams, Devon.

Slapton Sands in South Devon, England, where during World War II, on the night of 27/28 April 1944 a convoy of landing craft carrying US troops on a pre-D-day exercise was by chance attacked by German E-boats (fast, armed boats). There were nearly 1,000 casualties, but the incident was not made public in case the Germans realized that Normandy was the intended Allied landing place, rather than the Pas-de-Calais.