type cup ( simple but so effective with the graphics placed upon the ceramics)

Ceramics and Typography

Handmade Danish ceramics from Tortus Copenhagen

Handmade Danish ceramics from Tortus Copenhagen (Glowing, happy, light, warm colour range)

journey of the play- a broken heart is very much  something that is struggled with in this play and this shattered literal heart that is tried to be pieced back together

Corezone Heart-Shaped Secret Vessel

Corezone is a closed ceramic space, where one can place their thoughts, feelings, emotions. The sacrifice to see one's secret is to destroy the object and what the object represents. Marie Anglin - what a cool project!

André Borderie. Glazed ceramic dish, 1960.

Ceramic Face Contemporary art clay art by pottery artist André Borderie.

ceramics by mariko paterson (aka forage studios)

Yes, that is a ceramic urn custom made for Pants the cat… AMAZING. Today’s episode is filled with weird and wacky ceramics – both functional and sculptural – by Canadian artist Mariko Paterson, aka Fo

Miss Moss : these ceramic Ghosts by Anders Arhøj & Louise Gaarmann simply stole my heart – it’s amazing how you can paint a set of eyes on something and suddenly they’re adorable little  creatures.


The Cacti by Lina Cofán for Hay

Cacti, uno

Ceramic Cacti - House plants that are impossible to kill.