Kate Bush is a goddess

Successful female vocalist Kate Bush, circa News Photo Getty Images (one of my favourites)

Kate Bush

Kate Bush - beautiful, original and down ride bonkers. 50 Words for Snow her 2011 album is a thing of out of this world beauty. See the Kate Bush Quiz

Kate Bush

Kate Bush reminds me of myself (oddly enough) in certain pics, including this one taken in what appears to be her early I swear it's not unlike staring at a lost twin!

Kate Bush.

1978 high quality Kate Bush promo photo by Gered Mankowitz from the session used for the US album cover of "The Kick Inside".

kate bush

Kate Bush CBE - in 1978 the first woman to have a UK number one single with a self written song - the amazing 'Wuthering Heights'. Shot a video outside shop I worked at in Mount Street, MayfaIr.

Kate Bush

Mankowitz: il fotografo del rock in mostra a Londra - Repubblica.it

Kate Bush Photo by Gered Mankowit Gt Windmill St Studio Soho