Christine croucher

Christine croucher

Christine croucher
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Homemade  Elderberry Gummies: Vitamin C treats! Includes elderberry syrup recipe - Naturally Mindful

Elderberry Gummies Ingredients cup unsweetened elderberry juice (find dry elderberries here and see recipe elderberry syrup below) 2 tbs orange juice 3 tbs raw honey (find it here) 3 tbs grass-fed gelatin (like this one)

SUPER RIPE PLANTAINS Paleo Chocolate Cake- this recipe uses plantains, eggs, coconut oil, honey and cocoa powder, plus choc. Can also use protein powder

this is knit!

Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang, The Heathen Housewife (free instructions). Gorgeous colourful knit sock yarn blanket composed of mitered squares

All Seasons Slippers Knitting  Pattern

All Seasons Slippers Knitting Pattern - I caution those who wear knitted slippers! Apply a non-slip bottom or tread carefully; I broke a wrist after I fell on the kitchen floor while wearing some *slip*pers that were knit with love.


Add large button to too short knit scarves that I never wear to make a cowl wrap sort of like this picture. except looser on the shoulders and not in green. I just love buttons!