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"Color Splash eyeshadow look. So awesome definitely wanna try this. " I can't believe that some people think this is a good look!

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I absolutely adore the bright red lips and the touch of gold highlight in her eye make-up. Sometimes I wish I had hazel-colored eyes.

Amazing.  An Entire Galaxy on Her Forhead ❤'d by #artistry #makeup #inspiration

DiscoRat is a photographer and makeup artist from the Ukraine who has a knack for melding dark fantasy with glitter and neon lights. Her images are haunting and beautiful.

O ~ Just Gorgeous!! These Lips, This Eye Liner Much Respect!

) Lips - Lady Like & Goldilocks Liquid Lipsticks with NYX Professional Makeup Black Gel Liner. Eyes - Show Stopper Lashes and spike lashes cut into pieces. Comex Gold Metal Eyeshadow and K

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Halloween Makeup Ideas and Looks - Don't know what should you be for Halloween? Check out these amazing makeup ideas to be creative and unique for Halloween!

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Such a pretty classic look. You can never go wrong with winged eyeliner and red lips.

Photographer/Makeup: Magdalena Juszkiewicz Collar: Ekaterina Videva (KatzLittleFactory) Model: Katarzyna Jarząbek #hair #makeup

Photographer/Makeup: Magdalena Juszkiewicz Collar: Ekaterina Videva (KatzLittleFactory) ModƸӜƷ ✿ ❀❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ¸¸¸.