i like this fashion illustration because of how unusual and strange it is, its a unique illustration.

I chose this image because I think the use of collage is good to create a unique design. This idea could be applied to my work to help me develop my designs further.

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations; geometric fashion design; fashion portfolio // Stephanie Lai

Portfolio Stephanie Lai

I like how the background has been left white as it helps to give the image the effect of being 3D. I also like how the colours have been blended to show where the light is shining

Katie Roberts-wood - ArtsThread Profile

Distortion of the female figure through structured draping, almost looks like the use of card. Volume in parts of the body where traditionally females would like to conceal.

Harley Ellis Fashion Futures sketchbook

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Fashion Portfolio - fashion design drawings; collection development; fashion illustration; fashion sketchbook // Andrew Voss

Westminster andrew voss