doug aitken [text-based installation pieces; link to doug aitken's website]

Be still my beating heart! This is the text-based work of American artist Doug Aitken, and I love every single piece. A mirrored NOW, SEX that is actually growing, and neon dreams for 99 cents.

LA artist Doug Aitken’s Text Sculpture series uses light-boxes, mirror works, living plants and photography to create interplay of words and images.

Doug Aitken

Doug Aitken RIOT 2011 LED lit lightbox 24 x 89 x 5 inches edition of 4

Doug Aitken text sculpture, LED lit light box

Text Sculpture Dough Aitken works mainly in mixed-media artwork and focuses heavily on illuminated typographical elements combined with light and photography.

Doug Aitken - Start Swimming

Everyone keeps sending me photos of this & tagging me in photos of this // so glad to finally see it in person!

Earth Plane by Doug Aitken

the-gasoline-station: “ Earth Plane Artist: Doug Aitken Gallery: 303 Gallery Details: 2015 - Aluminum lightbox, LED lights, photographic print on acrylic - 94 x 88 - ¼ x 7 inches - edition of 4 - DA.

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