Idris Khan is a London photographer with an unusual technique of layering multiple images. His work was featured in the March 4th New york Times Magazine.

Pretty as a Thousand Postcards

Idris Khan - London, 2012 Artist’s statement: “To make a single photograph, I use a lot of found imagery. A lot of photographs (the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, St.

An image from the London based artist Idris Khan, in this piece, multiple images of American-style gabled houses are digitally layered and super-imposed.

every… Bernd & Hilla Becher Prison Type Gasholder every… Bernd & Hilla Becher Spherical Type Gasholder every… Bernd & Hilla Becher Gable Sided House, printed by Idris Khan :: The Collection :: Art Gallery NSW

formula: Photography: Idris Khan, Michael Wesely and Darren Almond

‘Long Exposure’ 4 April 1997 – 4 June 1999 Potsdamer Platz, Berlin Chromogenic color print Michael Wesely has been inventing and refining techniques for making photographs with unusually long exposures-some as long as three years.

I love this picture of the London Eye by Idris Khan

This Sunday: London in Pictures

Young British Artists You Must Not Miss: Idris Khan

photograph whilst traveling in Europe, 2003 digital chromogenic print mounted on aluminium 28 x 28 inches x 73 cm) edition of 10 with 2 APs

Another Idris Khan photo.

images from Victoria Miro Gallery Theses photographs by Idris Khan are made up of multiple layers. I am a little late coming to this p.

Constructing Worlds – Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age - Sök på Google

Idris Khan Homage to Bernd Becher, 2007 Bromide print mounted on rag board enforced by Aluminium x cm 30 x 34 in Edition of 6 plus 1 AP

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