I think the beauty of gold speaks for itself. I wish there were a lot more of it on Earth. --Pia (Natural crystal forms of Gold)

Natural crystal forms of Gold. M had some fabulous samples of gold in his…

Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells. It all comes down to patterns... texture, colour and pattern inspiration #design

Memory can be aided through beauty because it stimulates and encourages memory. 'Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells' emphasises Patterns, texture, colour and can even evoke pattern inspiration.

Coral on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Seven wonders of the natural world – in pictures

The Aussies are justifiably proud of the largest coral reef on earth – the Great Barrier Reef. It can be seen from space and is believed to be the world’s biggest single structure made from living organisms. Composed of some individual reefs and 900

Patterns in Nature

The Precision-of-Design-in-Nature . as Revealed by the KIwi-Fruit-in-Cross-section; "by dennis wojtkiewicz" Science in Everyday Life retired Junior Girl Scout badge

Skull sutures. We're knit together in the womb and out of the womb. That's some fancy stitching :)

this is called a cranial suture and it connects the different plates of the skull. It is made up of small ligaments that actually move ever so little with breathing. With disease or pathology these will become hardened.

Play-of-color occurs because opal is made up of sub-microscopic spheres stacked in a grid-like pattern, like layers of ping-pong balls in a box.  This structure breaks up light into spectral colors.  The colors you see depend on the sizes of the spheres.  Those approximately 0.1 micron (one ten-millionth of a meter) in diameter produce violet.  Spheres that are about 0.2 microns in size produce red.

Australia is the classical Opal country and today is the worldwide most important supplier of Fine Opals. Almost 95 per cent of all Opals come from there.

3D Textiles Design - felted pods inspired by organic structures & naturally occurring patterns // Leanne Eastick


Textiles Design - felted pods inspired by organic structures & naturally occurring patterns // Leanne Eastick- toy storage?

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