Dancer for hire worldwide from a single belly dancer to a troupe of can can dancers to festival dancers, samba dancers, Chinese Dancers, Bollywood Dancers…
151 Pins
two people dressed in blue are dancing on a dance floor with neon lights behind them
LED Jellyfish Ballerinas
LED Jellyfish Ballerinas
a group of people standing on top of a stage next to a giant statue in front of a crowd
Bollywood Dancers 8
Bollywood Dancers 8
two ballerinas dressed in tutu skirts and flowered headpieces dance at an event
Spring Blossom Ballerinas
Spring Blossom Ballerinas
a woman is spinning two hoop rings around her
LED Hoops
two mannequins dressed in dresses made out of led lights at night time
LED Robotic Barbarella Dancers
some people are walking in the dark and one is wearing a crown on his head
Choreographed LED Street Dancers
three lighted figures are in the dark with blue lights on them and one is holding a baseball bat
Futuristic Alien LED Dance Show
a man standing on top of a stage in front of a green curtain holding a microphone
Roaring 20'sTap Dancing
the company logo is displayed on a black and white background
Cabaret Tap dancing
two people made out of flowers standing in the grass
Blossom in Hugs at Henley Festival 2023
a group of women standing next to each other in front of a man wearing a costume
Samba Dancers
three people are projected in the dark with blue lights on their faces and hands, while wearing chef's hats
LED Bhangra Dancers
some people are standing in a caged area at night
Studio 54 Cage Dancers
two women are dancing on the dance floor in front of an audience at a party
Carnival Dancers
two women in dresses with lights on them
LED Club Futuristic Dancers