Getting out of debt is another very common resolution.

Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year's Resolutions

Quitting smoking for new years is a big step to becoming healthier.

12 Tips That Will Help You Quit (And Stay Quit) For New Year's

Having more fun is a resolution that is commonly overlooked.

New Year's Resolutions For 2013 (QUOTES/PICTURES)

Whether you loved or loathed the past year has definitely been memorable. From inspiring feats of athleticism, to picnics in the rain, Britain has demonstrated her true colours.

Try your best to be a better person everyday.

'How I resolved to be a better person': Mum's 365 good deeds in a year

Try your best to be a better person everyday.

Giving up chocolate is a regular top resolution.

NEW year resolutions, every year we make them and every year few of them actually come to fruition for most people.

Spending more time with family is a very popular resolution.

My New Year’s Resolution: Balanced and Organized

Many people make changing their job and career path their resolution.

As the New Year approaches, it is a great time to evaluate your last year and where you would like to see yourself go in the next 12 months. Whether you are setting New Year’s Resolutions or simply.

Getting healthy and losing weight is a common resolution.

What's Your 2013 Healthy New Year's Resolution?

Saving Money - One of the most popular resolutions for 2013

Looking for budget friendly meals that will help you stretch your dwindling dollars? This page is dedicated to helping you find great tasting.