french twist

French Pleat Hairstyle - French Pleat Steps - French Roll Hairstyle - How to make French Roll-pin it from carden

French Pleat or Twist using a Hair Stick

French Pleat or Twist using a Hair Stick (with super long hair this could also make a nice hairstick pony or half up style since you don't tuck in the ends.

upside-down French pleat

Upside-down French pleat. Start with a low ponytail, leaving the bottom third of your hair loose, to twist over your hair into the twist.

french pleat

French Twist Hair

How to French Twist Hair. When you're in need of an elegant hairstyle, try the classic French twist.

A Fast And Easy French Pleat Without Backcombing Your Hair

French Pleat - Bridal hairstyles - A classic French Pleat, with strands to prettily frame the face.