Brno Del Zou - Izoumi, 2012

Question: Fragments - you could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint or use mixed media? I like how they have mixed media photos but a few of each such as the eyes and mouth

I like how this piece is a different shape. Also, it is cool how the framing is the sides of the bridge and how it's created to make your eyes move and end on the feet.

David Hockney Photograph-This photograph is put together with multiple images of the same subject. Each Photo is taken at a different angle and respective.

Hockney inspired front on portrait with profile portraits facing in or out - image inspiration: Sonalika Jain 'Joiner"

photojoiner-uses different angles to create a full image, it stitches parts of the face together to create and never before seen image

david hockney photo collage | David Hockney.

photojoiner-this image is special because it uses the shape of the landscape which creates an intriguing artwork

Times Square by Pep Ventosa - Fab concept, composition and clarity #photo #photography

The Reconstructed Works series was put together by award-winning photographer Pep Ventosa. Ventosa uses hundreds of individual photographs to recreate these landmarks from around the world. Check out Pep Ventosa's website here.

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