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This Starfish will become a watercolor and hung on my wall. Spectacular!

The red-knobbed starfish, also known as the red spine star, African sea star, and the African red knob sea star, is a species of starfish from the Indo-Pacific.

Pelagia noctiluca, mauve stinger, from the mediterrean sea at Menorca, Spain ;)

"Jelly in a galactic flight through the ocean. (Pelagia noctiluca), Picture taken at Minorca, Balearic island in Spain," writes photographer Henry Jager.

juvenile purple striped jellyfish  ;)

PURPLE-STRIPED JELLY (Chrysaora colorata, formerly Pelagia colorata): (Juvenile) a species of jellyfish that exists primarily off the coast of California in Monterey Bay. The bell (body) can grow up to 3 feet, w/a radial pattern of stripes. The tentacles