Summer Solstice

To celebrate the summer solstice here are some stunning photos of sunsets and sunrises over Cambridge (Photos by Sir Cam @CamDiary © University of Cambridge).
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Robinson College

Cambridge England, Summer Solstice, Colleges, Collage

Great St Mary's

Cambridge University, Summer Solstice

Clare gardens & Jerwood Library

Summer Solstice, Cambridge

King's College at Sunset

King's College, Summer Solstice, Lighthouse, Cambridge, Colleges, Sunsets, Light House, Lighthouses, Sunset

Sunset at Queens' College

Summer Solstice, Colleges, Sunsets, Sunset, Collage

Sunset at Churchill College

Photo credit: Sir Cam © University of Cambridge. All rights reserved.

St John's College Chapel

Cambridge University, Summer Solstice, St John's, Colleges, Collage

Botanic House

Cambridge University, Summer Solstice

Trinity College

Cambridge University, Summer Solstice, Colleges, Collage

St Edmund's

Cambridge University, Summer Solstice

King's College, 27 Sep 2015

King's College, Summer Solstice, Colleges, Collage

Cambridge Uni RUFC

Summer Solstice, Uni, Cambridge

Sunset at the UL

Summer Solstice, Sunsets, Sunset