Relates to my topic 1 work from Year 10. Might try something similar, using multicolored post-it notes.

Nod to paper books, art, things made of phone books. "We'll stop making phone books.recycle the paper by making awesome other stuff with it.rebirth of the brand into digital"

I can create a similar fragmentation like this by using the glue paint technique i have been using on my current project, and i can try to incorporate blending of colors in to create a new effect entirely

nature's artwork - peeling and rust colour, surface pattern and texture - beauty in decay intrigues me and gives the best color juxtaposition

I love the way that it looks like it is made from crystal. Might try something similar, but give some parts a relief effect, making it seem like the piece is alive.

Geometric Deer Print idea for litography

Thinking of doing something similar, but instead of buildings, i might try doing a hand bursting out of the ground, using dark red and brown watercolors to add a creepy atmosphere to the piece

Dreamy Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park

Dreamy Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park watercolor painting architecture - Paris France

Might try developing this idea by doing the similar cracks, but in the face of Big Ben, calling the piece 'A Fragment In Time' with number filling the gaps between the cracks

Max Ernst par Man Ray Dada et dadaïsme : Berlin

Might be quite difficult to imitate, but the differing sizes of the colors blend nicely into the piece

Awesomeness - Chuck Close via Pace Prints

Nice ideas on how to use plain colors; e.g. Black Grey and White

Nice ideas on how to use plain colors; Black Grey and White

Same as the hand photo, but try to use more than 2 copies of the same photograph in order to give the piece a sense of longevity

Man Ray - self portrait

I can use techniques I have been using on my current project, allowing me to further use these techniques to create new effects and eerie lighting situations

The light seems to make this beautiful and sinister. By - Eilidh Paige