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Build A Wind Generator Using A Truck Alternator If you can turn a wrench and operate an electric drill, you can build this simple generator in two days: one day of chasing down parts and one day assembling the components. You need 4 basic ingredients: a GM pickup truck alternator ($40 new) a GM fan-clutch …

RD Copeland shares the instructions on Mother Earth News for building a DIY wind generator using a truck alternator and a golf cart batteries for storage. Home Made Wind Generator…

Spintires -- The ultimate off-road challenge! by Oovee Game Studios — Kickstarter

Oovee Game Studios is raising funds for Spintires -- The ultimate off-road challenge! on Kickstarter! Spintires is an Intel® award winning game that promises to be one of the best off-roading experiences available for PC.

Corsair SPEC-01

Tons of fan mounts: Front - 2 x x LED included) Top - 2 x Rear - front port with internal connector Large side panel window; Cable routing and CPU cooler backplate motherboard cutouts Seven PCIe slots with room for long graphics cards up to long

Case Mod Corsair 400 Case Mod Project: "Tribute to SERENITY firefly" ... - Forums

Serenity: Inspired by the grungy retro-tech of the cult sci-fi series Firefly and its spinoff movie Serenity, this box looks like just the sort of that might need a good kick once or twice during a space pursuit by Reavers.

Love the grungy look, and that it's Star Wars doesn't hurt, either.

Be weary of overheating. View "Star Wars Scout Trooper PC Case Mod" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Computer cases | Dark Roasted Blend: Cool Computer Case Mods

Ive posted some of these very creative custom PC cases before. But this time we have a large selection of such cases. Some of them are just incredible. Ive posted some of these very creativ