Tulip Ballerina 60cm, Late April to May

Tulip 'Ballerina'

Buy Tulip 'Ballerina' from Sarah Raven: A beautiful orange with a sweet scent - Tulip 'Ballerina' is an absolute must in my garden. It's fantastic planted with dark wallflowers or with hesperis matronalis.

Pheasants Eye 40cm April to May Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye' sarah raven says  is a classic. It is highly scented and late flowering, excellent in a border or grass. For general reliability and all round beauty and scent, it almost always wins our narcissi trials.

Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye'

Buy Narcissus 'Pheasant's Eye' from Sarah Raven: A classic for general reliability & all-round beauty & scent, it almost always wins our narcissi trials.

Narcissus Pseudonarcissus, native English daffodil, 30cm, March.  Very good for naturalising in grass

Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Tulip Spring Green flowers late April to May 45cm

Tulip 'Spring Green'

Buy Tulip 'Spring Green' from Sarah Raven: Tulip 'Spring Green' is a classic green and ivory tulip which is very reliably perennial- a really longstanding cottage garden favourite.

Narcissus Hawera 18cm April to May

Narcissi 'Hawera' is one of the latest flowering narcissus you can grow. With elegant little primrose yellow flowers and an incredible scent.

Allium Silverspring, 60 - 90cm June to July

Allium 'Silverspring'

I've been on the lookout for a white allium for years, but all the ones I've grown seemed a bit murky and grey to me. Until this one - Allium 'Silverspring' has clear white petals around purple centres.

Dolls Minuet, 65cm, May

Tulip 'Doll's Minuet'

I have just purchased Tulip 'Doll's Minuet' from Sarah Raven…

Narcissus 'Actaea' April 40 cm

Narcissus 'Actaea'

Buy Narcissus 'Actaea' from Sarah Raven: Narcissi 'Actaea' is one month earlier to flower than the classic pheasant's eye narcissi - highly-scented and excellent in a border or grass.

Allium purple sensation, 90cm, May to June

Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation'

The best all round garden and flower arranging allium. 'Purple Sensation' starts to flower after the tulips in mid-May. No early summer garden is complete without a good drift of these.

Tulip purissima, 45cm, March-April

Tulip 'Purissima'

Tulip 'Purissima' , early flowering, in pots they will only do one season, but still really lovely!

narcissus actea - 45cm - april

Large, white, rounded petals surround a tiny yellow cup banded with dark red. A Poeticus variety with a spicy fragrance that& a long-standing favorite.

Anemone lipsiensis March April 10-15cm

Anemone lipsiensis

Buy Anemone lipsiensis from Sarah Raven: Anemone lipsiensis is my new found favourite early spring bulb, a simple, single anemone for shade or sun in the most perfect unsalted butter creamy-yellow.

Spring Bulbs

tulip barcelona - may- 45cm

Award-winning Tulip 'Barcelona' is one of the most outstanding tulips thanks to its intense fuchsia-purple flower, slightly magenta edged, and strong stem. This tulip creates dazzling harmonies with other flowering bulbs and enjoys a sturdy stem.