Eskimo You Square

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Siemens extractor hood- LC98BE542B

Siemens extractor hood- LC98BE542B

Siemens induction hob- EH631BE18E

Siemens induction hob- EH631BE18E

Mirror Glass Electro Designer Electric Radiator - Agadon Heat & Design

Over 4000 designer radiators in stock, Com in wide range of colours and finishes.

Marbled style antique mirror glass

Antique Mirror Glass - Saligo Design is the UK's premier Antique Mirror Glass provider. You will find the best information about Antique Mirror Glass on this website.

Siemens Freezer- GI38NA55

View all Siemens freezers. Whether freestanding, built-in or combined with a fridge, Siemens has the right upright freezer for any home and lifestyle.

1909 T-Bar Cupboard Handle from More Handles

1909 t-bar handle - h884

Solid brass t-bar cupboard handle with length, for cupboards, cabinets and drawers from More Handles' 1909 collection.

Handles for wall cupboards- H884.72.BN Bright Nickel T-Bar Handle - 72mm Length

1909 t-bar handle - h884

Second Nature - Barrel Design T Bar Handle Chrome Finish -

Bar handle for long drawers- H883.160.CH Plated Chrome Barrel Handle - 160mm Centres

1909 barrel handle - h882

Bar handle for long drawers- Plated Chrome Barrel Handle - Centres