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포인드색상을 세련되게 잘 잡았고 제품의 라인을 고급스럽게 잘 디자인한것 같습니다.

contact points allow the user to comfortably grip each tool and efficiently complete the task at hand. The combination of these turquoise contact points, deep black body and brushed steel create a well-balanced coherent design languag

Modern Drill with 60's era Pride-built feel. on Behance #id #industrial #design…

Designing with an aesthetic language. I wanted to bring the feel of the solid cast aluminum power tools into a modern drill form. The tools in those days ran for decades because they were built so well and you get that feeling just by looking at th…

Detail of cord exit and debossed text. OXY humidifier and oxygen generator by SWBK.

Details we like / cable management / Mint / Occ / Soft exit / double colour / at lemanoosh

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movable bottom to make rigid of collapse WiBro SWITCH


Interazione fluida by Daniele De Nigris, who lives in Bologna, Italy, and is a graphic designer who works in digital art, illustration and print.