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60 Internet Slangs in English Speaking 1.LOL: laugh out loud 2.OMG: Oh my God 3.ILY: I love you 4.LMAO: laughing my a** off 5.TTYN: Talk to you never 6.FBO: Facebook official 7.TTYS: Talk to you soon 8.HMB: Hit me back 9.SFW: Safe work work 10.PTFO: Passed the f*** out 11.ASL: Age/Sex/Location 12.AFAIK: As far as I know 13.IMHO: In my humble opinion 14.IRL: In real life 15.ISO: In search of 16.J/K: Just Kidding 17.L8R: Later 18.POV: Point of view 19.RBTL: Read between the lines 20.RT: Real ...


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Word Roots

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Explore the English language through Lexico's interesting and informational articles about word origins, common language questions, and fun word lists.


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Letras silenciosas en inglés


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Grammar Rules

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Singular and Plural Nouns!  Easy to use activities that will engage your kids!  Grades K-3

Spelling Rules

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Word Usage

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the names of things you probably didn't know
40 ‘Cool Guides’ People Shared On This Group That Contain Information They Don’t Teach At School (New Pics)
a table with words and pictures on it that are labeled in the english speaking language
Most Important Opposite/Antonym Words List - English Grammar Here
Most Important Opposite/Antonym Words List - English Grammar Here
a poster with the rules for english and spanish students to use in their language class
18 Basic Grammar Rules: English Sentence Structure • 7ESL
a table that has different types of words and phrases in each language, including thesauruss
Linking Words Chart In English English Grammar Here Linking Words Chart DC0
an info sheet with different things to see in the text and pictures on it, which include
However, whatever, whoever, whichever uses
a poster describing the different types of conjunctions in english and spanish words are shown here
Conjunctions - Because, However, Whereas, Although - English Grammar Here
the 10 capitalization rules for students to use in their writing and speaking skills, including
When to Use Capital Letters