Dog Door Stop - M these are very cute and practical plushies and the best dog in the world no need to feed or take it for a walk

I like the lil grey ones. Hopefully this has a pattern attached! Dog Door Stop - M

awww stuffed dachsunds. Love it!

The Best Upcycled Denim Crafts & DIY All the families old jeans go into my upcycling pile. As denim is a fantastic fabric to upcycle with and here are some of the best denim crafts and DIY’s to inspire you.

DIY Door Draft Stopper I wonder if I could come up with one that was weather proof for my screen door to keep out the tiny lizards that like to crawl under

this is such a clever draft stopper, and soooo easy, for all of us northerly types. Free project on Baby Lock site. ( Project is called door drafter, I had to search for it as it didn't show up in this link.

Burlap owl door stop :)

Burlap owl door stop :)